The contents of the Busy Chef User Handbook are listed in easy to read sections below.  Just click on each section for further information.

At the bottom of the page, you may download a copy of the User Handbook and Lease Agreement to review and sign prior to booking with Busy Chef Commercial Kitchen. 


Before booking time at the kitchen all required documents must be completed.  You can find a list of these documents at our Getting Started guide. The minimum requirements are listed below:

  • A copy of your Oregon Food Handlers Card must be on file with Robertson-Price, LLC
  • Required county business and health licenses must be on file with Robertson-Price
  • Signed commercial kitchen rental agreement
  • Liability insurance certificate must be on file with Robertson-Price; the required liability coverage must be maintained for the duration of your kitchen use
  • A $250 refundable security deposit with Robertson-Price
  • A $100 annual membership fee 

Our goal is to get the maximum use from all the Busy Chef Commercial Kitchen work stations.  We want to serve as many clients as we can; giving everyone a chance to produce their products in a well-organized kitchen so everyone can meet their delivery commitments.

Full-time users have priority for kitchen use.

Full-time users are those needing 50 hours or more per month.  These users also have priority in dry and cold storage as well as other service requirements needed to support their business.  Part-time users are those businesses and individuals who require less than 50 hours of kitchen time per month.  One-time users are welcome, but full payment is required at the time of scheduling.

Reservations can be booked through the Robertson-Price office; the office number is (541) 408-2742.


All payments must be received prior to kitchen use.  Payments from all full and part-time users must be received by Robertson-Price on or before the 1st of each month.  For anyone planning to use the kitchen for a one-time event, the payment is required when the kitchen time is scheduled.

Storage fees and other incidental charges must also be paid prior to using the kitchen facilities.  These charges will be incorporated into the monthly bill for full and part-time users.

A one-time security deposit is required from all kitchen users.


If paying by check, the check must be received at 1655 SW Highland Ave, Redmond, Oregon 97756 before the 1st of each month.  For anyone wanting to use the kitchen for a one-time event, the check must be received five (5) work days prior to the kitchen use date.  While personal checks are accepted, clients will be responsible for all fees and charges resulting from a check being denied for insufficient funds.  Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that sufficient funds are available if checks are used.

Cash Payments

We accept cash at the Robertson-Price office at 1655 SW Highland Ave, Redmond, Oregon 97756 or by making arrangements to meet one of our team members at The Busy Chef Commercial Kitchen.


We want to get the maximum use from all the Busy Chef work stations.  This helps us keep our costs low.  To do this we must make full use of every available hour.  Therefore, we do not offer refunds for unused kitchen time.  In addition, unused kitchen hours cannot be carried forward, transferred, or exchanged without prior approval.  One-time users may not carry forward, transfer or exchange hours.  If clients have overbooked or underutilized time, we encourage them to use that time for preparation, organization, and/or experimentation.


The Busy Chef Commercial Kitchen is designed for food-related retail businesses that require space for commercial cooking or food preparation. Our kitchen allows these businesses to get started or expand without the enormous cost required to build and equip a new commercial kitchen.  It is the most economical and least risky way to get into the food service business.

Our facility has a main kitchen and a non-cooking preparation area that are reserved separately. The Busy Chef Commercial Kitchen is certified through the Deschutes County Health Department license for commercial use. Therefore, everyone working in the kitchen or the non-cooking preparation area must have their Food Handlers License.


A wide range of kitchen equipment is provided by the Busy Chef Commercial Kitchen as part of the hourly rate. This includes a commercial stove, grill, convection oven, microwave oven, commercial mixer, prep sinks, a walk-in cooler, refrigerator, storage shelves, and large stainless steel work tables. Clients must bring their own pots, pans, utensils and disposable items such as plastic wrap, foil, and sheet pan liners.

Whenever operating any kitchen equipment, safety is everyone’s top priority! Therefore, before using any of the kitchen equipment, clients must read and fully understand the manufacturer’s operating and maintenance instructions. The instruction booklets are available in a consolidated notebook kept at the Busy Chef Commercial Kitchen site. If a client or any client employee does not understand how to operate a specific piece of equipment as intended by the manufacturer, that individual must not use the equipment item. The stoves and deep-fat fryer are particularly dangerous if operated by someone that is not familiar with their operating procedures.

Clients are welcome to use any Busy Chef Commercial Kitchen owned equipment in their kitchen space. If you need Busy Chef equipment or utensils located at another work station, you must make sure the item(s) is not being used by another client; and then return the item(s) to its original place when you are through using it.


Everyone is expected to complete their business and clean their kitchen area within the time they have reserved.  This is necessary to ensure the work of other clients is not delayed.  We understand that on occasion, extra time may be needed; and if nobody else has reserved the next time period, the current user must call the Robertson-Price office regarding an extension. Extra time will be charged by the hour at the one-time use rate.


The Busy Chef Commercial Kitchen facility may be busy at times; nevertheless, it is important that the kitchen remain clean and professional at all times.  Clients using the facilities are expected to follow all kitchen sanitation requirements as well as keep their kitchen equipment, utensils, and work station clean.  Clients must properly clean and sanitize their equipment and work station as part of their shift, ensuring the kitchen is ready for the next user.  Anyone found violating our cleanup policy is in jeopardy of losing their kitchen privileges.  In addition, any fine incurred by the Busy Chef Commercial Kitchen that is the result of a client or client’s employee failing to abide by any required health or safety law or policy will be charged to the client’s account.


At the end of your shift, wipe down all the equipment you used.  Always use a clean cloth, first with soap and water, followed by sanitizer solution.  Do not forget items like sheet pans, mixers, food processors, can opener, tables, and the inside of the microwave.  For equipment that disassembles into smaller component parts (e.g. the mixers or table can opener), wash, rinse, and sanitize the parts in the three-compartment sink.

The stove, grill, and ovens must be carefully cleaned after any use.  If the use was light, the equipment can be wiped down and sanitized.  If the stove or grill is heavily soiled, remove the grates and wash them in three compartment sink.


Proper dish washing and sanitizing is important.  Clients are expected to scrape and pre-rinse in the double sink and then follow the standard wash, rinse, and sanitize procedure in the triple sink.

To begin, scrape excess food into the trash and pre-rinse all heavily soiled dishes, removing large food scraps, greasy/buttery stains, etc in the double sink.  This will make washing in the three-compartment sink easier.  Use the triple sink for standard wash, rinse, and sanitization of all dishes and equipment.  If any wash compartment becomes dirty or cold, empty the compartment, clean the sink, and refill the compartment with hot water as needed.  However, scraping and pre-rinsing should keep this to a minimum.

We provide a commercial dishwasher that is available to everyone as part of our shared equipment.  We also provide the necessary cleaning detergents to be used with the dish washer, if you are unsure how to use the dish washing machine please ask our staff for assistance.


Clients are expected to sweep and mop the floors in all areas they use during their shift including the sink areas and scullery.  After sweeping, replace the broom and dustpan in the storage area.  For mopping, fill the mop bucket with fresh hot water and bleach.  When you have finished mopping, empty the mop bucket, rinse and ring out the mop, and hang it above the slop sink to drip dry.  Be sure to sweep and mop under and behind tables and equipment.


All trash must be bagged and placed outside in the bin for collection.  Boxes must be broken down flat and placed in outside garbage bin.


Clients must establish their own vendor accounts.  Clients may have vendor orders delivered directly to the Busy Chef kitchen.  However, all orders must be made through the client’s own vendor account.  Do not place any order under the Busy Chef name.

While deliveries and pick-up times cannot always be controlled, kitchen users should try to schedule pick-ups and deliveries during their reserved kitchen time.  If this is not possible, you are responsible for being at the kitchen to sign for your delivery and store your goods.  We do not charge for kitchen use when dropping off or picking up product, ingredients, supplies, or equipment; however, clients are expected to:


  • Notify Robertson-Price of the date and time of any pick-ups or deliveries that occur outside your regularly scheduled kitchen time
  • Appropriate storage space must be arranged for prior to a delivery
  • Ensure pick-up and delivery activities take 15 minutes or less
  • Be careful not to interfere with other clients who are working in the kitchen

Dry storage space consisting of metal racks is available in a rear storage area.  Full-time users have priority in the use of this space.  Please ensure your storage area is marked with your business name so everyone knows what supplies belong to you.  We do not have lockable storage units at this time.

We have limited walk-in cooler space.  Again, full-time users have priority in the use of this space.  If a part-time user has a special need for cooler space, please see our staff to make storage arrangements.

We do not offer freezer storage at this time.

Storage Rules

Clients are responsible for organizing and cleaning their storage area(s).  All ingredients, products, supplies, and equipment must be kept in your assigned storage spaces.  Any products or food items that have been opened or are not in their original containers must be clearly labeled with your name, contents information, and the date the item was placed in storage.  Do not store anything on the kitchen floor.  Do not store anything on the kitchen work station shelves.  Items that are stored improperly or not clearly labeled will be thrown away.

Any stored item the staff believes poses a health or safety risk will be discarded.  On occasion, we may ask clients to remove some or all of their items from the cooler or dry storage area to allow for general cleaning or facility maintenance.   We will normally give clients at least a week’s notice prior these events. If the items are not removed as required, items may be discarded; clients will not be reimbursed for items that are discarded because they were not moved.


Client parking is available in the parking areas around the Busy Chef building and on adjacent streets.  However, any over-night or long-term parking must be approved in advance by Robertson-Price.  We are not responsible for any vehicle damage, theft, parking tickets, or towing charges that happen while using our parking areas or adjacent streets.


We have 2,100 square feet of meeting and event space available at the front of our building.  Contact Robertson-Price for more information about renting our large open space area for events.  As long as the open space area is not rented to another client, you may use the area during periods of kitchen rental to meet with clients, do paperwork, or as a break area.  After using the space, the area must be cleared and cleaned.  If you believe this open area could be useful to your business, Robertson-Price is willing to discuss how the space can be modified to support your needs.


Clients and their employees must maintain control of their personal effects.  We are not responsible for food, products, supplies, equipment, clothing, or personal items left at the kitchen.


We do not have a land-line phone at the kitchen location.


The Busy Chef Commercial Kitchen will release policy changes as needed.  When that happens, we will provide details of those changes to clients in writing.

Existing users will be notified with 30 days written notice of any pricing changes.  Policy changes will be made in writing and provided to all existing users.

Pricing, policies and procedures may be updated on this website without prior notice to the general public.

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